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Small Business Snapshot: AJ Consultants

Small Business Snapshot: AJ Consultants

Small Business Snapshot: AJ Consultants

AJ Consultants is a leading executive search firm with the data, experience, and a proven success rate to achieve and sustain success by aligning themselves with the top talent in the industry.

AJ Consultants was started in 2009 by co-founders and co-owners Adam Eckels and John Morris, who had years of prior experience in recruiting, specifically in the banking and finance sectors. The company grew quickly and organically, and, within the past five years, AJ Consultants has grown to a staff of ten people located in their recently remodeled office space in Kingston.

The company is specialized by geography and industry. They have recruiting managers that lead teams focused in certain markets and business sectors.  While AJ Consultants has clients stretching across the country, they have made the conscious effort to focus specifically on the local market around their Kingston headquarters, managed by one of their ten local staff members. “We love our community,” said Danielle Ader, Senior Executive Recruiter. “We feel like our services are unique and valuable, and that’s the reason for dedicating resources to work more in the community, to be able to help the businesses locally add to their human capital and their value.”

Ader describes the company’s primary service as talent acquisition for their clients, saying, “We get to know them, their culture, their environment, their needs, and their pain points. That is our basic service: talent acquisition, or finding the best fit, not only for the role, but for the company.”

She stated further, “We consider human resources to be a partner of ours. Human resource professionals wear a lot of hats, and we wear one. Recruiting is a small part of what they do, it’s what we do all day everyday, so we partner with them to help them bring the best talent to the table,” said Ader.

Ader says that building relationships is their specialty. “I think we are unique in how we value our relationships, not only with our clients, but with our candidates. We have candidates that become C-level professionals in an institution, and then, in turn contact us recalling our level of our service… completing the circle.”

These unique qualities have been recognized by many both in their industry and beyond. Three of their account executives have been asked to speak at conferences across the U.S. Co-founders and co-owners Adam Eckels and John Morris will be traveling to Texas to speak about succession planning and compensation, while B.J. Berrettini, New England Recruiting Manager, was asked to speak at a conference in Boston in regards to talent acquisition, industry changes, and his insights on the recruiting industry.

Most recently, AJ Consultants was selected to be featured by the show “On Demand” hosted by Rob Lowe. A video team will be on site to start filming a short documentary for the show within the next month. 

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