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Small Business Snapshot: Avenue Restaurant and Catering

Small Business Snapshot: Avenue Restaurant and Catering

Small Business Snapshot: Avenue Restaurant and Catering

For over thirteen years, Avenue Restaurant and Catering has welcomed locals and celebrities alike into its Wyoming home. In 2008, Avenue Restaurant and Catering made national news for hosting then President-elect Barack Obama on his campaign trail. In 2016, they had a visit from Diane Sawyer during the filming of an ABC-TV news special.

Dave Krappa, Owner of Avenue Restaurant and Catering says of the visits, “It was a fun and different experience, which represents the kind of business we are. I think some people are choosing our location because we’re like a family here." Krappa cites the close, family-like environment of the restaurant as its most unique attribute, “We take pride in what we do. All of our food is homemade," says Krappa. "I consider all the staff to be part of my family. That’s why we’re so successful, because everyone treats the business as their own."

Formerly known as the Avenue Diner, the business was recently renamed to represent its growth and development. Their services have expanded to include offsite catering through a satellite kitchen providing a variety of eclectic menu options for their customers. “We try to cater to everybody, not just a certain crowd. We open our doors to everybody. We offer meatloaf all the way up to a lobster tail dinner here. You never know what to expect when you come in," says Krappa. One unique feature that the restaurant has kept from its diner days is 24-hour service on Fridays and Saturdays.

The restaurant has also undergone various remodels. In the front dining space, Krappa aimed to keep the nostalgia of the original diner space, but give it a more modern feel. One piece that remains from the original design is the red stool that President Obama used during his visit, in commemoration of the historic visit. In addition to the front space, Avenue Restaurant and Catering also has a newly remodeled dining and meeting space in the back of the building that is available for rent for private events.

​Krappa also hopes to utilize the back space for community events, as the restaurant is very motivated to give back to the community where its customers and employees live. In the past, Avenue Restaurant and Catering has donated meals to local charities, and has even served as a feeding house for the National Guard during the 2011 Susquehanna flood.

By participating in this year's Small Business Christmas in July, Avenue Restaurant and Catering will be giving $5 back to customers, by offering a $30 gift card for only $25 to everyone who mentions the phrase "Ho Ho Ho." 

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