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Diversity Month Highlight: Ellie Bartoli

Diversity Month Highlight: Ellie Bartoli

Throughout the month of April for Diversity Month, we will be highlighting some amazing individuals in our community that are spearheading diversity, equity, and inclusion causes and initiatives, as well as business leaders and owners with diverse backgrounds. Next, we spoke to Ellie Bartoli a local photographer, about her passion for helping the community and her plans to start her own business. 

Through a Work Based Learning Experience (WBLE) with WVIA in the past, Ellie learned how to edit photos, resize images, improve light effects and contrast, and upload photos, among other useful photography skills. Ellie has taken photos at local events like family days and kids days at Knoebels amusement park and Montage Mountain waterpark. Ellie has also photographed Reggie ‘Mr. October’ Jackson at the Little League World Series. In the future, Ellie is currently working on becoming an entrepreneur and starting her own company: Ellie B. Photography.  Ellie has also been volunteering at Meals on Wheels for the past five months and is passionate about helping the local community. 

Learn more about Ellie in the Q&A below! 

Q: I am inspired to be a leader in our community because…
A: To help others and to give back

Q: I am most excited to accomplish what through my diversity, equity, and inclusion community programming…
A: To help all people with disabilities feel like they’re equal and for them to be treated fairly

Q: Three words to describe yourself…
A: Fun, energetic, and helpful

Q: My greatest achievement to date is…
A: Losing 20 pounds & working on starting my photography business

Q: Five years from now, I will be…
A: Still being involved in my current volunteering and having even more volunteer opportunities

Q: Best advice you’ve received…
A: Never give up!

Q: Favorite activity/place in NEPA…
A: Basketball

Q: Why NEPA?
A: I love the area; it’s my community. All my friends are still here or they come home to visit for the holidays. I want to stay in this area because I have the room to go to church and go walking, and to be creative and do whatever I want. It is a great area to take pictures and meet new people. I know all the restaurants, and it is a great place to live. The community itself is very nice and friendly and I just love the community I live in.
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