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Diversity Month Highlight: Francisco González

Diversity Month Highlight: Francisco González

Throughout the month of April for Diversity Month, we will be highlighting some amazing individuals in our community that are spearheading diversity, equity, and inclusion causes and initiatives, as well as business leaders and owners with diverse backgrounds. Next, we spoke to Francisco González, Owner of Franchesca General Services, Inc.

Francisco is originally from New York City, where he got his start at the famous Christie's Auction House as a receiver and worked his way up to a management role. In 2009, after spending a few years developing a plan to open his own business, Francisco came to Northeastern Pennsylvania with the idea to open Franchesca General Services, Inc. to serve the community. He started in Hazleton with a location, and shortly after, opened up a location in Wilkes-Barre, which is currently located on Hazle Street. Francisco has always been passionate about helping and connecting with the local community. He currently runs the Latino Wilkes-Barre Softball League, working with local kids ages 4-19. During his time in New York City, he also organized many leagues, and mentored the kids who participated, giving them read world experience, and taking them to travel as a team to places like Venezuela and the Bahamas. He believes that the more experiences kids can get in different places, outside of their homes, the more they will grow. 

Learn more about Francisco in our Q&A below! 

Q: I am inspired to be a leader in our community because…

A: I like to work for the community. If there are windows for me to help, I will be there, especially with the new generation, the young population. 
Q: Three words to describe yourself…

A: Humble, Caring, & Family-Centered 
Q: My greatest achievement to date is…
A: Raising my three kids and giving them a good education. 
Q: Five years from now, I will be…
A: Retiring on my own terms. 
Q: Best advice you’ve received…
A: If you are very humble, you are going to go far (from my mother).
Q: Favorite activity/place in NEPA…
A: Competing with young talent!

Q: Why NEPA?
A: The community is like a family here, very unique. People look out for each other and work together here. I like the city very much and the local government listens to whatever the community needs. 
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