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Diversity Month Highlight: Mayor Justin M. Correll

Diversity Month Highlight: Mayor Justin M. Correll

Throughout the month of April for Diversity Month, we will be highlighting some amazing individuals in our community that are spearheading diversity, equity, and inclusion causes and initiatives, as well as business leaders and owners with diverse backgrounds. First, we got to interview Mayor Justin M. Correll about his volunteer work in the Greater Wyoming Valley. 

Justin M. Correll brings fresh and bright energy, passion, and professionalism to NEPA community. He is currently serving his second term as Mayor of Laurel Run, and is Principal of Solomon Elementary School in the Wilkes-Barre Area School District and Co-Founder of the NEPA Pride Project and creator the NEPA Pride Scholarship Program, with the mission to support local high school seniors who are majoring in a college arts program. Finally, he currently serves as Vice-Chair on the Board of Directors for the NEPA Rainbow Alliance, member of the Brewsterhout Committee, member of the University of Scranton Rainbow Royals, Co-founder of the NEPA GAYLA and member of the GWVC DEI Council and more. He believes that the world is full of opportunities to embrace the past, encourage others, experience the current and enhance the future for our communities. 

Get to know Justin more in our Q&A below! 

Q: I am inspired to be a leader in our community because…
A: As our community grows, so do our actions, acceptance, solidarity, legislation and inspiration and local leadership. Our community allows me to be a need strong voice, personality and team member, working alongside others to inspire the change through demonstrating the power of our numbers and solidarity with others to combat discrimination and fight for fairness, equality and dignity for every community member. 
Q:I am most excited to accomplish what through my diversity, equity, and inclusion community work…
A: The ability to raise awareness and continue to influence policies and legislation by fighting for justices on equity, disparity and marginalized communities, through different leadership roles and opportunities. 
Q:Three words to describe yourself…
A: Honest, caring and passionate 

Q:My greatest achievement to date is…
A: The co-founding of the NEPA Pride Project and creation of the NEPA Pride Scholarship Program. 

Q: Five years from now, I will...
A: I will still continue to educate people about diversity, acceptance and strive to implement policies and changes to create more equity in our society.

Q: Best advice you’ve received…
A: Dream as if you will live forever; Live as if you will die today: Make the day count!
Q: Favorite activity/place in NEPA…
A: I enjoy a night out at a locally owned restaurant, karaoke, and dancing.

Q:Why NEPA? (i.e. why do you choose to live or work in NEPA?)
A: NEPA is my home and home to a unique combination of history, community culture and art, providing a great sense of adventure and a defining character to work, play and live. 
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