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(Intern)al Affairs - Meet Caitlin Hamlin

(Intern)al Affairs - Meet Caitlin Hamlin

In today's installment, I sat down and talked with my fellow intern Caitlin Hamlin. All of the interns work hand-in-hand for all of the major events throughout the summer. You’ll see her mentioned in a handful of my blog posts, so you should get to know her!

Where do you go to school and what are you studying?
I go to East Stroudsburg University and I am a Business Management Major with a Communications Minor.

What is your intern position at the Chamber?
I am the summer Program and Events Intern at the Chamber!

What does a typical day at the Chamber look like for you?
Everyday it’s so different, but typically first thing when I come into the office and go to my desk is to check my emails. After that, I typically meet with Ahmad, the Program and Events Coordinator here, and run through all the tasks for that week. Then I usually just go off and get as much done as possible. Recently, I’ve been working to make the graphics for this year’s Christmas in July event that the Chamber hosts every summer. I’ve also been working alongside one of the other interns, Sarah, to recruit businesses to offer a deal and be a part of it. It’s really cool to be able to see an event through start to finish and all the little steps in between!

What is your favorite part of this internship?
Definitely the atmosphere of the office. Everyone is so close and gets along so well, I hope that I can have that in my future career. All of the interns even make it a point to get together every week just to catch up and talk about everything. I think it’s really great.

What are some of your other interests and hobbies?
I really love to draw and paint, I try to make it a point to just sit down and paint or draw something at least once a week to unwind. Also, I love hanging out or going to the movies with my roommates and I’m always listening to music.

What are your goals for after graduation?
I hope after I graduate to find a marketing job in a large company. Other than that, I don’t have it really planned out yet because I want to have an open mind to any job that comes my way! I am really open to go into almost any field anywhere for a good opportunity!
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