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Meet Dr. Anthony Johnson, Our New Director of Workforce Development and Wilkes-Barre Connect!

Meet Dr. Anthony Johnson, Our New Director of Workforce Development and Wilkes-Barre Connect!

We are so excited to introduce our brand new team member, Dr. Anthony Johnson!  As our new Director of Workforce Development and Wilkes-Barre Connect, Anthony will be working with our team to develop and implement a strategic plan to address workforce and economic development issues and strategies in the Greater Wyoming Valley Region. This includes creating a model for industry-led workforce development, recruitment, and maintaining a skilled workforce as well as growing and strengthening our entrepreneurial community.

Prior to this role, Anthony served as Deputy Director for a Transportation Management Association (TMA) in Montgomery County. These are nonprofits created by the Clean Air Act of 1970 to devise ways to reduce single-passenger car trips by increasing use of public transit, ride sharing, walking, biking, and telecommuting. Prior to that, he was the Assistant Marketing Director for the Princeton University campus bookstore for nearly five years where he managed a busy monthly calendar of author readings and other special events. Anthony has a B.A. in Public Relations from Rowan University, an M.S. in Human Services Administration from Chestnut Hill College, and a Doctorate in Higher Education Administration from Immaculata University. 

Anthony sat down with our communications team to answer a few questions and give you all an opportunity to get to know him - check them out below!

Why the Wyoming Valley?
In June 2017, I came up for an NPR town hall at the University of Scranton – and the residents were so engaging and passionate about issues impacting their hometowns. I remember taking the next few days to explore the neighborhoods of Scranton and Wilkes-Barre. There is such a cool blend of older architectural styles and striking modern designs here.  I knew the Valley was a place I would come back to often! 

What are you most excited about in this new role/new area?  
The Chamber is vital to the region’s post-pandemic return because of our extensive network of contacts and unparalleled access to resources, we can bring together the best minds to find what will work best for our large and small businesses. Specifically, I’m excited to oversee the reopening of the Think Center and will challenge myself to make it the downtown hub for social innovation in our academic, entrepreneurial, and nonprofit communities. 
What causes are you most passionate about? 
Human Rights, Transportation Access, Community College Degree Completion, Urban Revitalization   
What hobbies do you enjoy? 
Touring college campuses, being a weekend “chef” 

What’s a fun fact about yourself? 
My only sibling, Rhonda, shares the same birth day as me but three years apart! 

What is your go-to movie? Your go-to artist? 
The original “Scream”. It was such a well-done reinvention of the “slasher” movie! Usually any 80s music will catch my ear. 
What is the last thing you watched on Netflix? 
The Upshaws, a sitcom about an extended Black family in Indianapolis.  Dare I say, it is reminiscent of Good Times, The Jeffersons, and other classics that did a nice job of blending comedy with real-life issues.   

What are 3 words you would use to describe yourself? 
Friendly, optimistic, caring 
What inspires you?
That every person can do something to change our world!  If you don’t have money, then you have time. If you don’t have the time, then you need to make the time! 

Anything else you'd like us to know about you? 
Stay tuned – I’m hoping to find a rescue pet, once settled!

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