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Meet the Category Finalists for Young Professional Trailblazer of the Year!

Meet the Category Finalists for Young Professional Trailblazer of the Year!

Alicia Duque, Outreach Organizer at Action Together NEPA

Alicia is a confident, dynamic, bubbly, Latina Mama of 3, an insider of pop culture, activism, & for finding confidence with real lifestyle solutions. She comes with 14 years of nonprofit and multimedia experience. She wears many different hats in her work and personal life. She is a fierce advocate for disability rights, women's rights, mental health, equality, and quality education. As a former single mom and a mother of children who are on the autism spectrum, with a blended multicultural family, she recognizes the “true ability for anyone to learn and impact.” “I am inspired by my children every day to do better.” She amplifies her work in the Greater NEPA community as the  Outreach Organizer with Action Together NEPA. She was the lead organizer for the “Count Every Vote” campaign in the 2020 presidential election, encouraging local NEPA folks to vote and that every vote should be counted. She organized and led a 4-month Virtual Women’s Leadership Series that covered topics such as running for local offices, self-care, business, and leadership. She created and led holiday events in the local community that provides free gifts and fun family friendly activities. Alicia is also the creator of “The Alicia Show” which is a catalyst for brands to empower women to feel their best even when they are not at their best. When Alicia started doing Facebook lives the show quickly gained a 15K following in two months. The show has now expanded across several social media platforms, reached over a million views on YouTube & can be heard on Apple Podcast, covering current pop culture and life advice.

Lauren Gorney, Owner of Grassroots Development and Co-Owner of NEPA’rogi

Lauren Gorney loves her family and her heritage, and she tries to honor both of those every day in her work. At Grassroots, they are a small business supporting small businesses. At NEPA’rogi, they are more than food— they share their traditional creations for customers to recall their favorite memories while simultaneously creating new ones. They are living in what will one day be “the good old days.”

Kristen Lilly, Vision Rehabilitation Therapist at Northeast Sight Services

Kristen Lilly is the Vision Resource Manager at Northeast Sight Services. She was born with a visual condition that caused her to be legally blind but she now uses this to her advantage to help teach others how they can adapt and overcome their vision loss. At Northeast Sight Services, she runs specialized programs for those of all ages with vision loss, provides group and one-on-one instruction, and oversee a Resource Center with adaptive devices and technology for the visually impaired. Kristen now resides in Exeter with her husband, Jason, and their dog, Clyde.

Make sure to join us on September 14th at our in-person, fun, and safely done event at the Garden Drive In to celebrate these finalists from the comfort of your own vehicle and to hear the category winners announced live on stage. Click here to register today!

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