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Meet the Top 3 2019 Young Professionals Awards Category Finalists for the Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Meet the Top 3 2019 Young Professionals Awards Category Finalists for the Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Brian Stanchak: Founder and President of The BDS Agency, LLC
Brian D. Stanchak is the Founder and President of The BDS Agency, LLC, a sports agency that exclusively advises, markets, and represents college basketball coaches. Founded in 2013 and based in Mountain Top, PA, The BDS Agency has grown into a nationally respected industry leader. Brian is also the Founder and Director of Head Coach Training Center, an annual conference held in Orlando, Florida designed to teach basketball coaches strategies to obtain a first-time or new collegiate Head Coach position and be successful in that role. Prior to founding The BDS Agency, Brian spent 15 years as a Division I basketball coach and collegiate Director of Athletics.

Gerard Durling: Founder of Coal Creative and President of Independent Wrestling TV
At a very young age, with his background in web development, Photoshop and Illustrator, Gerard had the idea to create a business right here in NEPA where he could work with a creative and collaborative group of individuals – that’s when Coal Creative was born. As the Founder of Coal Creative, Gerard’s vision was to take on responsibilities that allowed him to work collectively with friends and other like-minded creative professionals. Coal Creative was formed on the idea that we as a team could create big city results no matter our location. Aside from the success of Coal Creative, Gerard also launched a second business called Independent Wrestling TV (IWTV), a subscription video on demand network, bringing viewers the best independent wrestling content. This subscription service allows individuals to support their favorite indie wrestlers while watching live events and viewers are given access to over 4,500 hours of wrestling content. Gerard is on the road several hours a week to ensure the success of IWTV and this service grows more popular by the week. Gerard is also always ready to lend a hand in helping promote local non-profits in NEPA, which in turn raises awareness of the many valuable services which are available to those less privileged in our community.

Nicole Farber: CEO of ENX2 Marketing 
For those who know Nicole Farber best, it is no surprise that she is the success she is today. After starting her own business six and half years ago, she has made a name for herself and her business among some of the most prestigious law firms in the country by providing stellar legal digital marketing services. She has spoken in front of some of the top law firms in the world and recently presented at the National Employment Lawyers Association’s annual conference. Nicole was also the official United States representative for a Chambers & Partners Editors’ Event in Rome in 2018.
As the CEO of ENX2 Marketing, as well as a single mother who always puts her loved ones' needs before her own, Nicole works right alongside her team to make sure everything is always in order. She loves her son, she loves her work, and she loves her team. She is an inspiration to all and the world is a little bit brighter with her in it.

Make sure to join us on September 10th at 5:30 PM at the Room at 900 in Kingston to celebrate these finalists and to hear the category winners announced live on stage! Click here to register today! 

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