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The Internship- Episode 7: The Finale

The Internship- Episode 7: The Finale

After twelve weeks with working at the Greater Wilkes-Barre Chamber of Commerce, it is finally time for me to say goodbye. I must be honest when I say I did not want this day to come. I have grown to enjoy my job here and the people that make it fun to work here. But part of the journey is the end and unfortunately I have reached the last stop on this express train.

    I can remember getting the internship like it was yesterday. It was hot and sunny day in August and I was finishing mowing the lawn at my house. My phone buzzed in my pocket and I took it out. It was an email notification from Lauren Scott, who gave me the news that I had been accepted for their fall internship. I was ecstatic! I would finally be working in a job that tested my writing skills in the workforce.

    I was pretty nervous my first day because I never had a serious job that did not involve me looking at a pool for more than four hours. It was great to have a job that actually had me involved in professional writing, but I was worried that I would not fit in with the standards of the Chamber and their mission.

    It turns out that I did not have anything to worry about. Everyone welcomed me with open arms and they all had their own unique charm that made the Chamber feel like a home. Ahmad is really into sports and their scores, while Ben is a big fan of Nintendo. Matt likes to give wacky names to the interns (Gabby was “Shredder” from Ninja Turtles, while I got him to dub me “Spider-Man”) and Meghan likes “The Office” with her favorite signs from the show. Everyone has their own place within the Chamber that makes everything work in a clockwork order. Even though I was only an intern, a small part in the overall machine, it felt that my voice and actions were important in how the Chamber was run.

    And my voice did have an important role in the Chamber. Over the following months, I would work mainly for Meghan in the communications of the Chamber and help out in any way possible. For the Legislative Breakfast I helped proofread the program that everybody would read. The following weeks consisted of the preparation of the Annual Dinner in late November. My jobs consisted of writing the award winner’s biographical walk-outs and making sure that the programs that were distributed made sense and had the correct pages. It entailed in lots of hard work by everybody in the Chamber and was accomplished by cooperation and teamwork.

    Now that I am leaving the Chamber, it is hard to say goodbye. My coworkers have become friends and I have come to enjoy my dynamic within the Chamber office. My advice to any new interns: enjoy the time you have here. These people are wonderful and make your voice feel heard. Never forget that your opinion does have an effect. I would like to thank everyone at the Chamber for making me feel comfortable and happy during my time here. Lauren, Meghan, Lindsay, Matt, Ben, Ahmad, Gabby, and Allison, you all have been great. I am happy that I got to have this experience. Now it is sadly time that I move forward into the unknown. Happy Holidays and have a pleasant new year!
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